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Yonex Astrox Tour 9100

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Yonex Astrox 88 S Play

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Yonex Astrox 88 Play

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  • Brand                       YONEX
  • Length                     27 in
  • Grip Size                  G5
  • Weight                       83g
  • Balance                     Head Heavy
  • Flexibility                 Medium
  • String Tension       20-28 lbs
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•  Namd

Namd, improves the adhesion of the graphite fibers and resin by attaching nanomaterial directly to the graphite fiber.

•  AERO+BOX Frame 

Combines solid hitting feel and quick swing.

•  Rotational Generator System

 It is an intricate weight distribution technology designed with the counterbalance theory that allows head-heavy racquets to recover faster between shots.

• Energy Boost Cap

New Energy Boost Cap maximizes the shaft’s performance. The front flexes the shaft and exerts the maximum effect of Namd. The side’s arch shaped curve stabilizes the racquet face by preventing the shaft twisting.

  • High Modulus Graphite Frame

Frame of this model is made of High Modulus Graphite material with tungsten and volume cut resin. Volume cut resin is all new resin material while mixed with HM graphite to get extraordinary racket characteristics.

  • Volume Cut Resin

New advancements are made through the introduction of the Volume Cut Resin, a groundbreaking resin that provides powerful adhesion with less material and weight. This resin is highly versatile in that it can increase durability and strength or reduce weight without compromising strength.




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