This page is created to inform you of our policy regarding the information we store about you, how we process and make use of it and what we do with it. If you are not satisfied with the way we store and process your information in the capacity of a website visitor, you are suggested to leave the website and cancel your subscription with us.

Your confidentiality and data privacy protection are of utmost importance to us.

Your details will not be shared with anyone except for outstanding money owed, credit checks or when legal issues demand it. We will try to make sure that your details are not accidentally received by a third party.

We shall instantly stop processing your data if there is some basis on which we process your data which is no longer relevant. When an Account is created by you, any product or service is purchased, or an agreement is made upon accepting our Terms and Conditions, we will save the details given by you. This information may include personal details.

We may make use of it for verification of your identity for security reasons, to sell our products to you, give you advice and suggestions on our products and services, provide you with services given by us, to educate you on how you can make the best use of the Site.

Your data may be grouped and used by us for monitoring our performance, where any independent user will not be recognizable. This information will be continually processed by us until either the contract between us ends or gets terminated by either one of us. You give us your consent to process information that may be personal when you browse our website, demand additional information about us, or our products and services; actions that are non-contractual.

It is always our goal to get your explicit consent to process your information. For instance, we will ask you to allow us to send you discounts and offers by e-mail. But sometimes when you e- mail us, to which you expect a reply, it would be considered an implicit consent by you.

We provide you the right to erase, edit, update, access, restrict or object to uses of the information given by you. Your information continues to be processed by us until your consent is withdrawn or it is assumed that your consent does not exist now. For the keeping of records and for necessary administration, your information may be processed by us.

If grouped with the information from past visits, you could be identified by making use of the data from before, without being signed in on the website. Employing the use of re-marketing includes putting a cookie on your computer when our website is browsed by you to give you an advert for our products and services even when you are using another website. You may request us to receive any information which is not given on our website. 

You must obtain consent from your parents to use the website, if you are under 18 years of age. This privacy notice may be altered and modified by us as necessary, from time to time.

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